Haiyile Sanitary Ware Introduce


Haiyile Sanitary Ware Co.,LTD. is a company which produces and markets high—end shower head, faucet, and supplementary instruments of shower room. Our company facilitates technological product line. The processes from the initial design and development to inspection of installation are done in our company, every process is strict to the quality of our products.

Quality is the life of products ,and design is the soul. Aosgrohe sticks to the principle that all the products are based on quality; delicate design endows them with spirit. In order to make every detail perfect, every staff of Aosgrohe use professional view to guarantee the quality of products. For materials, the content of brass we use is superior to national standard; lead content completely meets Europe standard regulations, which makes our product highly praised by customers.

Aosgrohe makes full devotion to the research and development, which is based on professional staffs and spirit of perfection .Aosgrohe puts principle of people oriented into design, in which perfectly combined the art of exterior and interior, and achieved the coexistence of pretty exterior and utility. In the years of development, the designers of Aosgrohe devoted their full efforts to design every shower head from function, choice of high quality material, and strict quality inspection.

Meanwhile, Aosgrohe can produce product according to the requirement of customers, and fully meet the idea of customers' design. This enlarged the customer group of Aosgrohe, and won a good reputation of overseas market.

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